About the annotation tool we developed

We have developed a tool for denoising and grouping a large number of face images.
This tool allows you to annotate fast.

What is annotation?

Annotation is the process of tagging all forms of data, including text, audio, and images.

Machine learning algorithms are able to recognize patterns by capturing tagged data. Therefore, AI developers need to prepare tagged data to train machine learning algorithms. The AI will not learn correctly if it takes in data that has not been tagged correctly. Therefore, annotation is an essential pre-processing in machine learning.

At first, I used Google Photo and Amazon Photo for grouping and denoising people, but the accuracy was low and the time for grouping was too long, so I decided to develop a tool.
In the pursuit of efficiency in annotating a large number of people, this tool allows you to remove noise and even download in seconds.
It’s actually a thousand times more efficient and capable than Google Photo!

Right now, we specialize in annotating people, but it will be possible to change it to “Entity Annotation”, where objects, places, events, concepts, and services are grouped in the same category.